Woman Saves 20 Special Needs Dogs From Eliminate List, Says Her Mission Is Not Over

Dogs that are put in shelters wait an adopter to give them a forever loving home,while for some dogs  that wish comes easy,for others that might not ever come.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

A little sick girl named Paula Peek,went to live with her great- grandmother,a huge animal lover,and supporter.

Growing up in that home,and seeing her granny taking care and giving so much love to all kinds of animals,Paula got inspired and she dedicated her life to help and take care of animals in need as well.

After many years,Paula was all grown up now,she found herself on a shelter when a dog with special needs caught her attention.

The dogs name was Weeble and he was on his road to get euthanized,poor dog was suffering from ‘’spina bifida’’ that hindered his mobility.

When all of Webble’s friends found their forever homes,he got no adoption offers so the shelter decided to put him down,but Paula remembering how ger granny loved animals couldn’t leave this dog to go through that sad ending,and she rescued him at the last minute.

Source: Waverly Puphouse/GoFundMe

It took a month of intensive care and proper nurturing,for Weeble to get better,and start playing and running just like a normal dog.

Weeble helped Paula understand that special need dogs,can live a happy full life too,if only people give them chances,when that realization hit there was nothing holding her back.

Her home in Waverly,Alabama  turned into a foster home for poor animals with special needs.

Her foster home was named Waverly Puphouse,there are now 20 dogs with special needs and she states she wont stop,and is willing to welcome more of these dogs.

Paula introduces us with all her dogs,some of them were victims of mistreat,some of them are sick and disabled,but here they experience love and care from their caring human mom.

Early morning Paula gets up and assures all the dogs needs are fulfilled and then she leaves for work.

People like Paula are rare to find,they are true diamonds in a world full of fake jewelry,if you would like to help her and those poor dogs,donate to her GoFundMe page.