Woman Pleads For Safe Return Of Her Stolen Diabetic Alert Service Dog

Whitney Guzman is a woman that suffers from diabetes, she tries her best to manage it and also finds comfort in the skills of Kairo, her trained diabetic alert dog.

Woman Pleads For Safe Return Of Her Stolen Diabetic Alert Service Dog - I  Love My Dog So Much
Source: Tito Guzman‎ – Lehigh Acres FL Community Bulletin Board/Facebook

Kairo is a 6 month-old Serbian Rottweiler. He is the house pet to Guzman and her 3 sons but also plays an important role in her medical life.

“He is a scent dog, so he alerts me when my numbers are low and my numbers are high,” Guzman said.

Unfortunately the dog went missing and the woman is sure that someone stole her precious dog from her family’s front yard.

She says the dog was out to play with a rope toy and in a moment he just disappeared.

Source: WINK News

“I ran in to grab water, and, the next thing I know, he was gone,” Guzman stated. “And, then, that’s when I saw that car just zooming by. Even my 4-year-old was like, ‘Go, mom. Go. Go get ’em.’”

She reports that they are the only house on their street in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

To anyone that helps to bring her dog back she is offering a $500 reward.

The mom misses and longs for her dog but her kids alos are sad, she says she is scared of the burden of homeschooling her children along with managing her diabetes.

Source: WINK News

If anyone has any info please contact Tito Guzman or Whitney Guzman at 239-823-9375.

We hope Kairo will soon get back to his family.

H/T: WINK News