While The Other Dogs Played, Neglected Husky Sat Frozen In Fear In A Corner

From all around the world, dogs are on the risk of being abandoned or left in the streets,but in China they have a bigger problem too,to save themselves from the slaughter meat houses.

Harbin SHS

As we all know,China is one of the states that consume dog meat,and thousands of dogs lose their lives on dog meat factories.

There are a lot of organizations and volunteers that work hard and try to save as many dogs as they can,the dogs that get saved from those terrible slaughter houses are usually put in a refuge.

That is not an ideal place for a dog to stay,but its a luxury hotel compared to what they were about to go through,because on that factory no dog gets out alive.

A woman from Harbor,China owns a dog refuge,and she informs the staff and volunteers about the dog that need more care and medical help.

Harbin SHS

A poor little scared Husky,named Harriet,he was sick and would huddle against the wall all the time.

Just like other 2000 others,the husky dog was a survivor from a dog meat factory as well.

The Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue (Harbin SHS) noticed the poor Husky,and decided to give him a second chance in life.

Harriet was so fragile,her body was skinny and her skin was damaged,she looked like a puppy from underweight.

Harbin SHS

The teachers Hayley Hayes-Fitzgerald, Aimee Clarke and Emily Parker,take care of dogs on their spare time and try hard to give them care and love they need.

“We started rescuing animals together in the summer of 2016 in our free time, after seeing the vast amount of animals needing help in Harbin, and China as a whole” wrote the trio on their website.

They rescued more than 600 dogs,on a short few years.

The dog caring woman’s,took the Husky to the vet and there they learned that Harriet was indeed a grown up dog of 8 months,but fortunately except for being starved she had no other medical problems.

Rosee Vallee

Now the rescuers would take care of her,give her all the love and care,a puppy can dream of.

“She was so quiet and docile,” Hinman told the Dodo. “It took us a long time to shave off all her fur, but she sat there so patiently and never barked or growled. That really touched me. She had been through so much, and like many other dogs Harbin SHS rescues, was naturally sweet, playful and kind.”

Harriet’s luck bloomed,after rescuing a woman from Canada saw the husky story and picture and took the decision to welcome the dog into her home.

Rosee Vallee travelled from Canada to San Francisco to meet Harriet,after a volunteer of Harbin SHS,agreed to travel with the dog to north America.

Rosee Vallee

Harriet or princess how her new owner likes to call her,now lives a healthy happy life,taking canoe trips on Lake Louise,and has a great relationship with her other dog siblings one of them was rescued from the same organization as Harriet.

I see her now and it just warms my heart,” Hinman said. “I think of all the people who came together to help her — they are the real heroes of this story. Every dog deserves a second chance, and Harriet is such a perfect example of that.”

Such a warm story,so happy for our lovely Harriet.