Veteran Loses His Dogs After A Heart Attack, Pleads For Them To Be Returned

Dogs are our best friends, we all love them, but they are especially important for the war veterans and help them go through the difficult times they face.

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Source: Lynzee Carrothers/YouTube

The 58-years-old Vietnam veteran James Pack, from Newark, Delaware, went through a heart attack and had to be admitted for a few weeks to the hospital.

Jame’s dog’s Blaze and Bailey were placed under the care of First State Animal Center and SPCA.

The man had to extend his stay at the hospital by a few months, so the shelter decided to put his dogs up for adoption, but when poor James got out of the hospital, his heart got broken learning that he lost his beloved dogs.

Source: Lynzee Carrothers/YouTube

Fortunately his dogs still weren’t adopted, but the poor man didn’t have the $250 for the adoption fee, in this desperate state he decided to sell his car so he can put the money together, but then he received a call from a Pet smart store.

Turns out the shelter which was based in the store, decided to help the old man to get his canines back, so the volunteers chipped in $5-$10 each, until there was enough money to cover the adoption fees.

The shared video shows James while he walks inside the pet store, having no idea what awaited him, and his reaction when he learns about the adoption fee being paid, he starts crying, and blows a kiss up to the sky as a gratitude sign, before finally reuniting with his beloved friends.

Source: Lynzee Carrothers/YouTube

There are kind people out there, and they deserve to be praised for their kindness.

This touched my heart!