Veteran goes against the law to break free dying dog left in a hot car

In a lot of cases poor pets face  dangerous situations, when they owners think it’s not a big deal to leave them alone inside their cars in extreme weather.

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Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, and leaving them trapped inside a car on high temperatures most of time leads to tragic endings for poor animals, these kinds of accidents don’t happen only during the summer they are present throughout the year, and is not acceptable to leave your dog alone in a car even with the window opened.

There have been set up laws to protect the rights of poor animals as well as bystanders that in their kind gestures to help the needing animals have to crash car windows to get the animals out.

A man found out that you have to take a risky step to save a dog’s life, even if that gesture means you breaking the rules and law.

A former US Army Sergeant from Chesapeake, Virginia, named Jason Minson shared on

April the long ordeal of a helpless dog he came across.

The dog in need was in a parked turned-off car and the owner was nowhere in sight, even with the window cracked Minson could see the dog was in a dangerous situation.

“It’s summertime, people. Take care of your dogs, don’t leave your dogs in vehicles,” he warns in a video. “This dog’s about to die.”

He contacted the police and was waiting near the dog, and stated he wouldn’t mind breaking the window to give the dog help, but that was against the law on his area.

Poor dog had his tongue out and was panting, staying low in the car to avoid the heat.

Jason and his female friend offered the dog water from the cracked window, poor thirsty dog gulped down two water bottles.

The Norfolk Police contacted by Jason showed to the scene to try and help the poor dog that was trapped inside, they followed their usual protocol but were unable to destroy private property to break the window and take the dog out, so they decided to contact firefighters for assistance.

Jason was impatient and knew the clock of the dog was ticking and he just got up and broke the window, saying they are free to charge him with whatever they find it suitable enough that the dog is saved.

He manages to break the window carefully so the glass doesn’t hit the dog, and people are cheering for the gesture, Jason says he has no regrets on what he did because it was the right move: “The officers in Norfolk were doing their jobs correctly and were trying to get the dog without causing property damage … but I honestly didn’t think this pup was going to make it and my job wasn’t on the line because of policy,” Jason wrote on Facebook.

“In Virginia you will get charged with 2 felonies,” he wrote. “If you do it and I see it you’re going to get your window busted out AND 2 felonies.”

According to WTKR, the woman who owned the dog and left him alone in the car was facing charges with a misdemeanor, she had to pay a fine of $250 but Jason says that is not enough.

“I am not trying to ruin this girl’s life, but it’s a serious thing what she did, and she should be held responsible for almost killing an animal that couldn’t help itself,” Jason told WTKR.

He also reported he will write to Ralph Northam Virginia Governor, asking him to amend the animal abuse legislation in the state, making it legal for kind people to break windows if it’s necessary for saving a poor animal in need life.

Jason, we bow down to your kind and fighting soul.