Town Refuses To Help Poor Eagle Hanging From A Tree, So Military Veteran Steps In

A distressed eagle was noticed by residents of Rush City in Minnesota.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube | Jackie Gervais Galvin/Facebook

A poor bald eagle was dangling 70 feet above ground from a tree for a couple of days, many locals couldn’t care less about the poor animal and the difficulty it was going through, some others thought she was already dead, but Jason Galvin an army veteran knew he had to do something.

Using his binoculars, Jason watched the bird for hours and came to realize she was still alive, he put his military training to good use and used his rifle to free the bird.

The neighbors kept dissuading the man by stating “compromised security measures” and “liability issues”, he was set to help the poor eagle.

Source: Jackie Gervais Galvin/Facebook | WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

When the sun was blistering hot, the man reached the tree and where the eagle was tangled he aimed the rifle, he fired more than 150 shots for the next few hours in the same branch spot, one lucky shot pierced the branch finally, and the eagle managed to fall into the bushes below.

The eagle is now at a local rescue center recovering, she has been named ‘’Freedom’’ since the man set her free on 4th of July, once she is fully recovered she will be set to her natural habitat.

Thank you kind veteran for helping that needy animal.