Toddler Thinks Puppy Is Her “Baby” Puppy Doesn’t Want To Break Her Heart

One of the sweetest bonds someone can witness is the bond between a kid and their pet dog.

In today’s story we will witness a precious friendship between a little girl and her Dachshund puppy, this friendship is one of the sweetest things you have ever seen.

Source: artist71/YouTube

When her mom bought the little girl a cute stroller for her dolls she was so happy.
But when the girl saw the pink stroller she knew that now she had a perfect way to take her best friend Dachshund for a walk.

Seeing how excited her girl was the mom let her and her dog have some fun.

Mother takes them both to an empty open space and the dog immediately hops into the comfy doll stroller.

The sweet toddler starts to move the stroller down the streets and even though she hardly has any sense of direction, her puppy seems to be enjoying every second of it.

Seeing how happy the dog and the little girl are makes us feel happy too. She considers the dog her baby and the dog seems to love the attention he is getting.

Source: artist71/YouTube