This dog is kept chained outside for 10 years, then the neighbors decide enough is enough

It’s so hard to understand how someone  will decide to  take a dog , send to their home, and then they don’t  give the  poor animals   the care they need, the story tells us for a heartless owner  that left the  dog out on the rain,  and in the warm days without caring how  the atmosphere will affect the poor animal.

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Neighbours witnessed  the poor dog being mistreated and chained up for 10 long years.

The owners of the dog would never care for her, they would treat her in a cruel way and didn’t find necessary to preoccupy themselves with the dogs wellbeing .

Neighbours had enough of this torture to the poor dog, and raised awreness for what is happening , but they didnt receive help, this  till Animals Advocates got involved to the case.

When our poor Judas was saved, she was weak depressed and with a crippling arthritis, during her long 10 year stay on the darkness she barely had food or any toy to play with, not to mention she didn’t even know what receiving love and care was.

After being saved, she was put on a medical check from the vet who stated poor Judas has arthritis and that’s what is making her walking difficult, her fur was matted and so many feces were attached in her coat, from all the rescued cases, Judas was one of the worst the rescuers had seen.

Facebook : We Love Animals

Judas was a new dog, after he received a bath a comfy bed to sleep and a big bowl of food, she also got a  new name, and now she was called Judith .

Judith had great luck finding her forever home shortly after , the  couple  interested in adopting a new member for their family, took a  liking on her  and  Judith had now  a new home.

With a cart to help her for her legs, our doggie was starting her journey on a  home full of love.