The heartbreaking image of a shelter dog on her last walk captured by a woman

We hear a lot of  stories for lucky animals that gets adopted from different shelters.

And find their forever home , stories that warms us inside and give all of us hope for a better tomorrow.But unfortunately not every animal gets this kind of story and this kind of kindness.

Pat Gregoire/Facebook

For a lot of animals who stay for a long time on overcrowded shelters there is only one heart breaking way out.

We see a lot  pictures of those dogs all around social media , dogs getting their happy ending and finding their heroes , dogs finding their forever home and their loyal owners.

But where are the photos of those beautiful hounds who have to be put down and meet their tragic end to make space for more animals who no one wants and need help.

But the change has started to happen , one shelter is bringing a change with a very unique memorial page to all those animal that no one wanted.

According to ASPCA more than 1.5 million dogs get euthanized on U.S animal shelters.

Even after this shocking statistic the desperate animal is never seen behind that staggering figureat the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles Pat Gregoire was coming for her volunteer shift.

She showed up early before shelter opening for public eye, getting ready to take shoots of cute and sharing on social media to find possible adopting families.

“I had havjust stopped by the kennel of this dog, who was always very calm, when I saw a worker come to get her. After he took her out, I asked him, ‘Where are you going?’ He just looked at me and said, ‘I’m taking her to the back.’ It just hit me, like ‘Oh, my God.’ I knew what that meant,” Pat told The Dodo.

 “This is something the public doesn’t get to see.”

‘That dog mattered’

shelter dog (2)
Pat Gregoire/Facebook

The shelter dog walked calmly down the hall with the worker as he was going to his last walk getting euthanized.

 “I don’t know why I snapped the picture. I guess it was because that dog mattered, at least to me,” she said.

 With people not wanting to see the dog who have been put down , she usually had to remove their photos but now she took the decision and keeps them on an album on Facebook , so  they never get forgotten.

“I stopped deleting the pictures, because the dogs that don’t make it still matter. They were here,” said Pat.

‘’Fight Hard’’

“I started naming all the dogs, because they at least deserve a name. I have tons of albums, and each album has around two hundred dogs who didn’t make it. That’s a lot of dogs.”

 Faces of those sweet dogs are not easy to be seen it still brings awareness to the high number of those fluffy animals that lose their lives because no body wants them

 “I had no idea, when I started, that these shelters kill so many dogs. When you work there, then you really see. I think that’s why so many of us fight so hard, because it just doesn’t seem right,” she added.

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