Stray Dog Feels So Relaxed After He Understands Guy Is Taking Him Home

Anand Raman from Dubai decided to visit his sister in her office one of the days. No wonder of the location he was given, there was a stray dog hiding a seat in the car from the shelter in hot weather.

Raman said that the dog was under a car eating leftovers left from one of the people working in the office. It seemed that he wasn’t looking in a very good health condition.

Despite his focus on food and the physical trouble, the dog came running toward Raman as soon as he saw him as if the pair were old friends. Even though Raman, did not have any attention to save any dog’s life, but he just couldn’t ignore how that puppy ran towards him.

He said that the dog had approached him enthusiastically, waggling his tail excitedly, and this bond between the two made Raman fall in love immediately with this cute pup.

Raman said that the pair sat there for a while on the sidewalk and the dog was happy to be receiving pets from the man. Before long, Raman got up, picked the dog up, and headed straight to his car. He said that as soon as they were in the car, the dog fell asleep.

Raman was helped by his sister and his brother to send the dog to the vet. He was very tired, and that is why he fell asleep in the car going to the vet.

At the vet’s clinic Raman was told that the reason behind the dogs wobbly gait had to do with him having contracted rickets in both his front and back legs which is due to malnutrition. Fortunately, the condition he had, was treatable and wouldn’t let any last-longing signs.

When they finally reached home, Raman gave the dog a nice bath and was surprised to find out that his fur was actually snow white but it had been invisible up until that moment from all the dirt that had accumulated on him.

Raman named the dog Snowy, after his fur of course and after the loyal dog from the comic “The Adventures of Tintin”.

One of the hardest parts of Raman that had to deal with was teaching the dog what to do, and how to behave. Understandably, the dogs had difficulties because all of his life he was outside trying to survive.

He added that at first, when he would take the dog for walks, the latter would resist, yank the leash away, and head toward their apartment complex as he was too scared that he would be abandoned again. This Raman said, happened for a while before Snowy finally understood that Raman isn’t going away anytime soon.

After two months in the house with Raman, the dog has realized that now he is lovable and there is someone who cares for him.

Raman says that Snowy showers all of them with love and waits patiently for the family to come home from work. He also added that Snowy gets really well along with other dogs and is super kind near other kids and strangers in general.

Snowy is still not letting go of a habit however; that of loving hugs from dad even when he is not sleeping.

We wish Snowy and Raman the best of time together.