Stray cat mother carries her injured kitten to emergency room

Istanbul is one of the cities known for taking good care of their animals.

Stray cat mother carries her injured kitten to emergency room, and ...

There is a large population of street dogs and cats because their culture makes it normal to take care of the animals by providing them shelter and leaving out food .

One story shared recently illustrates the best how far they will be able to go to give these animals care and how the street animals trust humans there since they know they would help.

A hospital in Istanbul got an unexpected patient on April 27, a cat carrying inside her mouth her injured little kitten as if asking from the doctors to save her baby.


Maybe a lot of other hospital staff would have taken the cat out of the building but not them, the staff made a room in order to help the little kitten.

Bored Panda said that local news reported that the injured kitten received a medical condition from the hospital staff, and while the worried cat mother waited they gave her some milk.

After they took care of everything they transferred the sweet furries to a vet office when they would continue to get the treatment.

The sweet story went viral, first in Turkey and then across the world thanks to social media.


People that help animals are definitely the best kind of people.