Speeding Truck Runs Over Family Dog, Cops Say Driver Did Nothing Illegal

Pet owners consider their pets as their family,and when something happens to them the family heart gets broken.

A Minnesota,Rochester family is having difficulties to cope with the loss of their fluffy family member,Bailey,that passed away from a hit and run accident.

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Source: Fox 9

Poor 60 pound dog sneaked out of his home,and was hit by a speeding truck in the middle of the road,the cruel man didn’t even bother to stop after knocking Bailey out.

Lindsay Valentino,the dog’s human mom,contacted the cops after her pets death and requested justice,but she was sure nothing will be done,since according to the law you need to stop on a hit and run accident only if the victim is a human.

And since Bailey was a dog,the driver won’t be facing any consequences for his lack of sympathy.

Witnesses of the hit and run accident,said if the driver wasn’t going so fast and recklessly the tragedy of poor Bailey could have been avoided.

Lindsay is mad to the nonsense laws,when hitting a mailbox is considered a federal offense and you get punished,but hurting someone’s pet intentionally you get to walk away free,and no law will hold you accountable for the cruel act.

Source: Fox 9

Lindsay now has created an online petition,and pleads for the support,she is asking to change the laws of the hit and run accidents,that includes domestic violence toward animals.

Michael Wojcik,Rochester City  Councilor has extended his support to the Lindsay requests,and says this has to be taken seriously because this careless drivers can cause the same damage to little children on the future,their neglect can continue causing tragedies.

We ask everyone of you,to go and sign the petition,the laws need to be changed and poor fluffy animals deserves justice too.

Lindsay we hopeCruel owner abandons dog at train station and ties him to suitcase with all of his favorite belongings you can mend your wounds,and know that Bailey is now in a better place,taking care of you.