Seven Newborn Puppies Huddle In Cardboard Box Thrown By Trash Bin

Often are the times we hear stories of puppies being abandoned by their owners and separated by their mother. This is such a cruel act for someone to do and just thinking about it, sends shivers down my spine.

This is exactly what happened when a cardboard box placed next to a trash bin by the side of a road was found. So sad for the pups! Definitely not something you see every day, but, it surely happens.

Inside the cardboard box were seven puppies who alarmed the animal rescuers in Serbia. The pups were only about two weeks old which is such a young age to be taken away from their mother. Poor mother and poor puppies. Four of them were females as for the three others, they were males.

Such little puppies cannot be placed in the shelter because they have to be fed by their mother for at least two or three months. However, now they kind of have to so they can be fed with a bottle.

The thing that the rescuers of the Dog Rescue Shelter Mlandenovac were constantly wondering of was “how could people be this cruel.”

“How people can be so cruel to separate these little ones from their mother and then abandon them?”

This is definitely not the first time this happens in Serbia as there are a lot of stray dogs unfortunately and puppies are abandoned in large numbers.

Luckily for the puppies, people found them just in the right time and they now have a warm place to sleep as well as a foster carer making sure they are bottle-fed every two hours.

As soon as they turn two months old, they will be ready for adoption.