School Spends $25,000 On Active Shooter Detection Dog To Protect Students

A dog named Sailor will become without a doubt ‘’teacher’s pet’’ in more ways than we think.

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Source: Fox 8 Cleveland WJW

The dog is a Belgian Malinois that is trained to sniff out ammunition, firearms and detect gunfire.

About 1200 students study at the Tuscarawas County School District that now has welcomed Sailor as a shooter detection dog.

Over the past decade we witnessed many school shootings taking place, this dog is only the second active shooter dog in the entire America and in Ohio he is the first one.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland WJW

The company called Skool Dogs, Inc sold the dog to the school. They had to pay a price of  $25,000  but the company gave them a $10,000 discount and the price was lowered to  $15,000, according to Jim Millet, the district superintendent, this is a well spent money.

“This is something that’s never been used inside a school for the safety of the children,” shared Joe Nick, Skool Dogs Inc., founder. “We always got there when it was too late. I thought that if we could invent something that would get there or be there when, God forbid, this incident took place.”

The dog will be handled by the school district’s recently-appointed school safety officer, Jason Wallick.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland WJW

If an active gunfire would take place on the building, Sailor will drag Wallick to the location, who then will release the canine to tackle the shooter.

This definitely is one of the smartest and most needed ideas on the schools.