Recently Adopted Shelter Dog Waits With Excitement For Her Owner To Return Home

A sweet girl dog that got rescued from the shelter, found herself on her forever home.

As the video below shows she awaits for her dad to come back home patiently, her life now is totally different compared to what she went through in the past, so she couldn’t be happier on her new home now.

When her dad comes home through the front yard and wants to greet the little puppy, she just can’t hold back.

She gets so happy and excited and runs to the gate before her human even had the chance to touch the handle yet.

Upon seeing her favorite person that rescued her from the shelter and gave her a second chance, she wags her tail endsley and simply goes wild.

This is such a beautiful video to watch, it makes all of us eager to go adopt a dog just to witness this kind of happiness from them.

Source : Youtube / Tails of a Shelter Vet