PSA: Keep Dogs Out Of Truck Beds – 100,000 Die Annually

A lot of dog owners put their pets in the back of a truck car alone, while for outsiders that is a sweet view, actually that gesture is highly risky for poor dog’s safety.
Source: American Humane

According to Americane Humane more than 100,000 pets most of them dogs, lose their lives every year because of low safety and not being secured enough in a truck bed.

Pets tend to be extremely vulnerable when they are put in a truck bed, especially since there is no way to strap them down and let them secured in the truck, as a conclusion, keep your pets inside your car in every possible way.

Dogs when put in a truck bed, sometimes have the urge to jump from the car, causing themselves deathly injuries.

“The dog could see something and jump,” representative Steve Scherer from Quincy Animal Control told KHQA. “Most dogs are smart enough not to, though, but I would worry about getting in an accident – the dog’s going to be a projectile then. I would also worry about a dog being tethered in the back of a truck because it could jump over the side of a bed and hang itself.”

Source: LocalKicks

Besides the jumping, putting your pets alone on the bed truck has other dangers that the owners don’t expect, for example the wind force in higher speed.

Wind can be dangerous because in high car speed may put too much pressure on a dog’s lungs causing breath issues, and when the car is going to fast the dog can also be hit on the face with pebbles or bugs.

If you are a dog owner you know how much they enjoy soaking smells that surround them and quite often put their heads outside the car.

The gesture it’s okay if it’s done while the dog is secured inside the car, but in the truck bed out in the open that is highly dangerous, and another danger is high when animals are left back there outside, the weather if it’s too hot can cause a heart stroke, and if it’s cold and raining the animals can be put in a high cold and fever.

A lot of people have tried to leash their animals on the truck bed, but that has caused a lot of strangling, and if the car is on a traffic accident the leashed animals on the back are helpless.

If you have no other option but to put your dog in a bed truck, take care and make sure it is protected under all kinds of circumstances, ideal would be to put a cage or a four-footer inside so the dog wouldn’t have to deal with extreme weather situations or strong wind, and make sure the cage is tightly attached so it won’t fall apart from the speeding movements.

Source: McKinney Animal Hospital

 And as for what the law says, there isn’t any national rule that forbids people from transporting their dogs or pets in a truck bed, but there exist 5 states that this situation is illegal, those states include,  New Hampshire, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts the mentioned states have specific laws in place addressing the issue.

In those states if you are caught driving illegally with your pet in a truck bed without the required security you  are obliged to pay fines that go from $50, and they can even increase to $200 if it’s a repeated offense against the law.

Please don’t put your dogs in those high risks, without securing them first.