Police officer secretly filmed doing this to a police dog, the clip has gone viral

Dogs are the ones who really protect humans, sometimes risking their lives just to save our lives. What’s more they are one of the most loyal animals, and having them by our side makes our lives happier.

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One of the examples is with police dogs, which are programmed in one word using their sixth sense to detect any dangerous object or substance, thus to keep us safe.

Furthermore, they are trained to catch criminals, and sometimes they even risk their lives by stepping in the line of fire when any officer is attacked. There are many cases, where law enforces really owe their lives to police dogs.

But, not all the treatment towards police dogs are good. This is one of those bad cases, where an officer treat the police dog in a terrifying way.


However of its profession as a police officer, his behaviors towards the dog were much more abusive than we could think of. This is shown in the video that was filmed secretly, and the video has gone viral, by 1.5 million views.

What the video shows, are two police officers, one of them is seen apprehending a suspect, while the other one stands in the background with a police dog.

What is shocking, is the action of one of the officers, who is part of the Hammond Police Department, in Indiana.

He lifts the dog to its hind legs by using his leash, and then again strikes the middle part of the dog with another leash. What’s more, using again the leash he lifts the dog into air and swings him around.


This video went viral, which got the attention of the department, and the officer was announced to leave his position of job until a review of his actions was done.

According to the review of Hammond Police Department, the dog does not show any aggressive behavior toward the officer, thus proving he was not abused.


On the other hand, reviewed by 1,400 people, their comments were telling something else compared to the review of department. They were very shocked and disgusted by the officer’s actions.

Based on the treatment of officer toward the dog, he will be getting additional training on how to treat and train police dogs.

The actions of the officer were not okay, and a policeman should not treat like ths a dog that helps their work.