Owner Wouldn’t Touch Her Dirty Dog She Kept Chained Up Outdoors

Some people should be banned and never let them adopting or having a pet in their lives,animals are just to lovely and pure for a lot of cruel humans that exist out there.

Source: PETA/YouTube

Our today’s story tells us a sad reality for a poor dog named Sarah,who was kept outside and chained since she got to this cruel owners home.

She was living on a tiny space outside,never experiencing the love or care from her  owner,since she always felt repulsive towards the dog for being dirty,probably she forgot dogs can’t clean themselves and they need a helping hand,and a little care.

Except for being outside without care and love,poor Sarah was chained with a short chain that was making quite impossible for the dog to move freely,making the dog’s situation way harder.

Source: PETA/YouTube

But life of the cute dog was about to change,and after the rain,rays of sunshine were coming into her life,when she got rescued.

Sarah’s cruel owner even commented saying: “I think she wants me to touch her. But she’s yucky, and I don’t want to do that.” This statement is so wrong,but thank the lord the dog is free from this kind of cruel human now.

 Sarah will have a great life from now on,and will never feel neglected or unloved or dirty ever again.