Owner sent dog at train station and ties him to suitcase with all of his favorite belongings

A lot of people don’t understand that,when they take the decision to adopt a pet,they should know they are welcoming a new family member that needs help and care, not a toy to play with for a while then toss it after.

To not categorize everyone that gives up on their pets as cruel,we know sometimes is inevitable doing so,sometimes the finances are down,or someone develops an allergy,and they have no other way than to give their beloved pets up,and we get them.

But what it can’t be understood,is people who leave them in some cruel way,like they are trash,not even taking the time to see if the animal will be starving,or will be sick.

There are a million shelters that take in animals in need,they can take some time and go sent the pets they no longer can take care off there ,till the shelter find new owners for poor animals.

A poor dog has been through a rough abandonment too,he was left on a train station,with his favorite belongings near,and he was tied to a suitcase.

The dog,a Sharpei mix,was found in a train station on Scotland,when a woman agreed with dogs former owner to adopt the dog.

But when the woman that agreed on adopting the dog approached,she saw the dog didn fit the picture he was advertised with,but the owner speed off without a word,panicked,and the other woman did the same.

Poor animal was left there all alone on that big train station.

Animal officers took him,and were tasked to find him a suitable home,when the poor dogs story and picture went viral on social media,requests for his adoption started to come in flooding.

A lucky man was chosen to take the beautiful pooch home,and the abandoned dog now had a forever home,to love and take care of him,the family gave him a new name and now the dog was called Kai.

 Thank you to the new owner,for opening his arms for the poor sad dog,he deserves a happy ending.