Orangutan Tries To Keep Excavator From Destroying His Home

Dramatic footage of an orangutan which tries to fight off an excavator from destroying his home, emphasizes the terrible plight they were having.

The orangutan is seeking refuge from the destructive power of a bulldozer, a machine which was destroying everything around him.

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Besides, all the difficult situation, the rescue team did save the orangutan.But these kind of scenes are being more frequent in Indonesia. Unfortunately, their habitats are being destroyed, thus letting these orangutans starving to death.

In order to make human developments, the apes are being often subjected to cruel and torture or killed, while an increasing number of orangutans are being orphaned. Even though many of them are being rescued by IAR, there is still a larger number of them being lost.

According to human activities, researches suggest that more than 2.5 million acres are lost every year. This results in starving orangutans till death. Borneo orangutans are now considered critically endangered.

A request for help is announced by IAR (International Animal Rescue), through Plant A Tree initiative in order to help reforest the orangutans’ forests.