Oldie dog cries at the shelter when she was left from their owners for a younger puppy

All stories that we heard are families that got new puppies after their previous dog has passed away. And that’s a very good thing to do, to fulfill the emptiness that the dog has left. But this story is kind of different which broke a lot of hearts.

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The senior dog, named Cookie was found as a stray from the shelter San Bernardino. They did some research and found the family it belonged. But something strange happened…when they came at the shelter they decided to not get Cookie back home.

Instead, they got a younger dog and left with it. Cookie was left crying all alone at the shelter. And the family seemed to have no feeling at all for this situation.

It was the most touchable and heartbreaking scene for Cookie to be left there, and see the family get away with a new black Labrador.

On the other hand, when the news about Cookie have spread away, a lot of rescue groups were trying to find a new foster home for her because her medical conditions weren’t well and she couldn’t be given away for adoption.

Fortunately, they found a foster home for her, where she is going to live now on. Everybody is hoping she will have a lot of fun there.

The story of Cookie has a happy ending, but not all animals have this fortune.

The person who left her at the shelter, shouldn’t have been allowed to get a new puppy while leaving behind the old dog they owned.

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