Neglected Dog Experiences A Warm Bed For The First Time In Her Life

A lot of owners take in poor dogs and then neglect them. This is the story of a poor dog named Angel that was confiscated from her owners since they neglected the poor animal and left to live in bad conditions.


Seeing her body with burn marks and mange, it was clear that the dog wasn’t receiving the care she deserves so Sidewalk Specials rescued and took her in.

While the sweet pooch was getting treated with Vet Point, she was also placed in a foster home by Sidewalk Specials. She has passed many difficulties so they wanted to make sure she will be comfy and on a loving home while she was getting healed.


For the first time the dog was experiencing love and had a comfy bed to sleep on, she kept rolling on the blankets and enjoying every moment of the new life.

Angel’s foster mom and Sidewalk Specials were afraid that the dog won’t ever find a loving home, but luck was on her side and someone asked to meet her, finally.

It was love at first meet, and they immediately decided to adopt sweet Angel and give her the car and the loving home she never had.


In the new home, she has two doggie siblings that she learns from and plays with. Only after two months the once neglected and scared dog looks so happy and joyful, her mange has all disappeared and her fur has grown back, now she looks like a healthy puppy.


Sweet canine learned new tricks and is really well behaved, she loves cuddling the cats and running around on the beach, she clearly is grateful and happy for the new life and her loving forever home.

We are so happy for our sweet Angel. We hope her life will always be filled with love.