Mom Had A Warning For Not Letting Her Baby Near Pup, But She Did Anyway

There are always warnings for not letting babies near puppies because of many consider it a danger. But, this mum broke all the stereotypes and filmed her 8 months old baby near the Golden Retriever.

This video shows the two-month old puppy playing around Ella. He clearly seems to be super hyperactive as he bounces around Ella, running in circles and inviting her to play.

Ella seems to enjoy playing with her puppy. The puppy wiggles his tail all the time and lick Ella in her face, this way showing her a lot of love and how much he enjoys the playing with her.

They show what does a great friendship looks like. Their love and interaction in this video have uplifted our spirits. What a beautiful bond between this relationship: a puppy and a baby.

This is so cute !!