Man “Rescues” Stray Pup, Tosses Him Over A Tall Fence When He Doesn’t Like The Pup

Another poor puppy has been abandoned by a heartless man,and it was caught on camera.

 A footage from Lincoln,Nebraska has surfaced on social media,the video shows a cruel man that tosses a little puppy over a tall fence.

Source: 1011 News

Cops have been notified for the video too,and are out to find the man of the video and arrest him for the act.

The video unfolds the story step by step,we see the man getting out of the car with the little puppy at his side,then he starts to run in an open field while looking if anyone is passing by,and sneakily tosses like a trash the poor tinu puppy over the dangerous height,the man than gets back on the car and immediately speeds away.

We have no info what happened to the puppy after,or who the man is,please if anyone knows him contact the authorities.

 Update:The cops find out the identity of the man in the video,he was a 19-year-old called Ernesto Zuniga,he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Source: 1011 News

He has been cited for leaving the poor puppy starving and endangering his life.

Ernesto declared that this video recorded in June,when he had picked the little puppy from the streets while he was riding with a friend,and after,he decided he doesn’t want the dog anymore,and took the decision to dump him like trash.

While investigating the case,it was found out that the family who owned the yard that puppy was dropped,rescued him and was sent to Capital Humane Society,and also found his forever home,yep he was adopted too.

We thank the kind generous family that decided to help the poor dog in need,and also the ones that welcomed him into their loving home after,have a happy life little friend you sure deserve it after all the tough journey you had.