Kitten found crawling across the road with umbilical cord still attached

After a rain storm Kathryn Van Beek spotted a creature crawling across the street, since the creature was soaked at first she didn’t quite know what it was.

Kitten found crawling across the road with umbilical cord still attached

The little furry ball was all wet and still had his umbilical cord attached; he was only one day old.

Katheryn, from Auckland, New Zealand picked the animal up and wrapped him on something warm, when she inspected closer she noticed it was a little kitten.

She checked with area residents to find out if they knew more about the little cat and where he came from but no one seemed to know anything so she decided to take the animal home.

Her and her husband decided to name the cat Bruce and took turns to feed him.

Facebook / Bruce the cat

“My mom and dad think that getting up every two hours, smelling like milk all the time and arguing about who is better at getting me to sleep is probably not too dissimilar from being the parent of a human,” Bruce “wrote” on a  Facebook page dedicated to his progress.

Kathryn took the cat to work with her on a shoebox so she would continue to feed him with milk from a syringe.

Little Bruce opened his eyes after two weeks into the round o’clock programme.

This is how it started the story of sweet Bruce, a tough cat that refused to give up.

Facebook / Bruce the cat

The story took place in 2015 and today sweet Bruce is having a great life near his family, including Jager the big cat sister.

The survival of this cat was a miracle and we are happy he didn’t give up.