Kind man gives shirt off his back to help stray dog

We all have heard the figurative quote “he gave the shirt off his back” meaning someone gave everything they have to someone else, one man took the saying literally.

Kind man gives shirt off his back to help stray dog

Seeing strangers that do everything they can to help stray dogs always make us feel happy inside.

A man named Felipe, from São Paulo, Brazil, was in the subway station recently alongside his brother when he noticed a dog in distress.

“He saw a dog shivering in the cold,” his brother Fernando Gabriel told The Dodo. “It was the coldest day of the year.”

While they were in line waiting to buy tickets Felipe approached the dog and he knew he had to do something to help the poor animal.

So he gave the dog his shirt, no we mean he gave him his shirt literally.


The kind man took off his shirt to give to the dog. He was wearing another layer to put back on over it, but the undershirt was all for the dog in need.

He wrapped the shirt around the canine who got so happy and grateful for the gift.

Fernando caught the ordeal on a video, we can hear him laughing when his brother takes his shirt off but was touched by the generosity.

“He did it spontaneously. It was very moving.”

The video was published on social media and people praised Felipe as a true hero.

The brothers said they got back to the scene but couldn’t find the stray anymore.

But anyway Felipe’s gesture means the dog will be more warm and comfortable on the streets.

Felipe later on commented on the moment on his own Instagram account.

He stated the shirt was actually a uniform, “the one I liked most,” he wrote, but he felt he had to do something for the dog.

“It looks better on him,” he joked. “Help with that you have.”

This is a truly inspiring story.