Horse passes out while carrying wagon full of tourists

We all are aware that in the past horses were used as a system of transportation. What makes it even sadder, is the fact that in some of the countries around the world, this occurrence is still present.

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A video that has been circulating all around the internet is that of a horse passing out due to the heat. LAD Bible reported that everything took place in Charleston, South Carolina only a few days we left behind.

The temperatures all around the world have hit 30+ degrees Celcius, especially Europe and this horse found himself carrying around a wagon full of tourists. Not that lower temperatures would make matters any better.

Footage of the horse was taken after collapsing to the floor with exhaustion where he was made to pull tourists in a carriage in the temperatures of more than 30 Degree Celcius.

The clip was shared by animal rights activist Julie Marie Cappiello earlier this week, and there you can see two adults working to free the horse from pulling the wagon after it has collapsed in Charleston, South Carolina.

The horse’s name we are talking about is Big John and later on, was pulled back up on his feet. According to Charleston Carriage Works, the ones who employ Big John, insist that they provide good care of their animals and that their health is regularly monitored.

However, an eye witness named Elizabeth Fort didn’t care much of what the carriage company had to say, so-called for an unbiased examination into what happened to Big John.

This is how another eyewitness reacted to the poor horse passing out, “Children on the carriage. The horse is down. He should not be working. Unbelievable.” After the horse passed out, a lot of people tried to help the precious thing and comfort it.

The carriage company, Charleston Carriage Works is law suiting Charleston Animal Society and Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates because of the incident, according to the local media.

The horse passing out incident is a clear example that horse-drawn carriages are an increasingly popular attraction, while unregulated workers often push their animals to exhaustion to meet the tourist’s demand.

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