Heroic mama bear jumps into lake to rescue her drowning cubs

A lot of sweet people have made their daily work to help save innocent animals’ lives that have been abused or neglected.

This Non-Pregnant Dog Started Lactating And Saved The Life Of A Kitten
Goldie N Kate Doe / Facebook

Michelle Smith is one of those people, she works at a shelter for homeless animals in South Carolina, USA.

One day she noticed a mysterious dog and decided to follow it into the forest, when she discovered what the dog was hiding she simply couldn’t believe her eyes.

A woman contacted animal control services after she heard loud and intense barking coming from a nearby wooded area for several hours.

When the team got there they found out something so sweet that will make your heart burst from happiness.

The sweet incident happened in Anderson County, South Carolina.

After the woman alerted the animal services Michelle took the call and went out to investigate, when she arrived at the scene she was shocked in surprise by what she witnessed.

Goldie N Kate Doe / Facebook

She came across a Shih Tzu dog but was unable to catch it so she started to follow the pooch that started to run towards the woods, the woman followed the dog into the woods and noticed it crawling inside a small bush.

The sweet pooch crawled up next to what looked like a small puppy, but when Michelle approached them she was left speechless.

What looked like a little pup was in fact a newborn kitty that started to lactate the dog, it was all clear that the sweet dog has adopted the little kitten and has been taking care of the little one for some days now.

The woman immediately took and put both animals in her car.

When they arrived at the shelter both animals got examined, it came out that the dog had become pseudopregnant and was able to feed milk to the little cat.

But Michelle believed that the dog understood that her milk wasn’t enough to keep that hungry cat alive so that’s why the pooch ran for help.

When this duo of animals arrived at the shelter one thing was for sure: they couldn’t be divided.
The unique story arrived at the ears of a couple and they decided to adopt both the kitten and the dog.

The duo now have new names they are called Goldie and Kate (after actresses Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson).

We are so happy the animals got to spend their life together and that won’t be separated.