Heroic horse runs back towards California wildfire to find his family

Natural disasters that hit California brought to light a really heartwarming story of an animal loyalty toward his family.

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Thousands of residents had to evacuate from their home in California, when dozens of wildfires started to spread across the state, putting properties and lives in danger.

One of the incidents includes the Easy fire in Simi Valley, that according to ABC 7, the moving blaze spread fast to 1,723 acres and put 6,500 homes go through an immediate danger, and left 30.000 people under immediate mandatory evacuation.

But in this tragedy an unusual hero came back becoming the face of bravery in this crisis: a horse turned back into this dangerous fire to save his family.

While ranches through the area were under the threat of possible incoming fires and were forced to evacuate, thoroughbred horses were taken out and away from danger, down the highway.

But in the middle of this horse’s bunch one of them chooses to turn back and race into the danger zone, as the dramatic footage shows.

Why did he do it? Because he wanted to be sure no one was left behind to face the danger this fire was bringing.

When the horse gets back to the ranch he is relieved to see two other horses, including here a baby horse running out of the danger zone, he quickly turns around to flee in safety along with them.

The sight that left people in awe was posted by Twitter from the user Rex Chapman and went viral quickly being viewed over 10 million times.

We are not sure about the relationship of the brave horse that turned back with the ones he turned back, but it looks like a father rescuing his wife and his son.

Horses are considered to be very family-oriented and social animals, so this can easily be the case, or he sensed his friends were left behind and in instinct turned back to them.

The horse is getting praised like a hero: “Not all heroes wear capes,” Chapman wrote.

This story is an inspirational one, teaching us that we need to stay humble and loyal even in the middle of great danger, we hope that everyone gets away safe from this natural disaster.

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