Heroic boy risks his life to save a drowning baby deer

Little kids that risk their lives in order to help animals in need have only one name: Heroes.

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Image Credits: Caters

In Bangladesh during the rainy season, floods are very common, they also can be really dangerous for humans and animals both.

After a torrential rain led to a fast rising flood on a river in Noakhali, Bangladesh a poor baby deer got separated from its family, but luckily a young boy named Belal spotted the creature that was taken away from the fast waters and without hesitations he jumped in to save its life.

Image Credits: Caters

This heroic and brave gesture of the young boy in his early teen’s paid off since he and the animal are both safe now. The emotional rescue was witnessed by a photographer that captured it on his camera and the images speak of themselves for the ordeal.

Image Credits: Caters

Hasibul Wahab, the photographer reported that he and others that were witnessing the ordeal couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the brave young boy’s gesture, at some point he recalled they even feared for his life.

“He was such a brave boy – the river was so full of water and it was high tide so we thought he might drown,” Wahab said.” My friend was even ready to jump into the river to save the boy. But he made it, and when he returned, we thanked the boy. There were only five to seven people observing this situation but it was a phenomenal sight.”

Image Credits: Caters

Our world definitely needs more heroes like the young man.

h/t: mailonline