Heart-warming moment a cat cuddles with endangered black rhino

Mother Nature never fails to amaze us when it comes to unusual friendships between animals of different species.

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Youtube / The Dodo

For all of us hearing that a cat cuddled a rhino might seem a bit too much, but that is exactly what took place on a Czech Republic zoo.

To keep mice and rabbits away from the wild animals enclosure at the Safari Park Dvůr Králové zoo, were brought some cats, but what the staff never imagined seeing was the sweet felines  having some heart-warming encounters with the massive wild animals.

Youtube / The Dodo

“Jan Žďárek’s idea was to use cats to avoid mice, squirrels, and rabbits and as an enrichment tool for the rhinos as well,” zookeeper Oliver Le Que told Liftable.

Usually cats are not friendly creatures, but when we talk about Kočka, a black rescued cat who’s living in the black rhinos enclosure things look different and she seems the friendliest creature ever.

A sweet encounter between a cat and a black endangered rhino it’s not something you get to see everyday, the staff knew that so they decided to capture the emotional moment, and then shared it on Instagram.

Youtube / The Dodo

The capture went viral and gathered thousands of views.

But this is not the first time a Rhino and a cat share cuddling moments, since something pretty much the same happened at an orphanage where a cat and a baby rhino became best friends.

Nature is simply amazing, we have nothing else to say.