Foster mom makes ‘bucket list’ for terminally ill dog to make most of his final days

Only a special person would take in a sick canine that has not a lot of time to live, and Jenny Leech was that special one that did it without hesitation.

Foster mom makes 'bucket list' for terminally ill dog to make most of his  final days
Facebook/Jenny Leech

Someone found the 12 year old Theo in Walmart parking lot when he was in a terrible condition.

Poor animal got diagnosed with cancer and the oncologist believed he doesn’t have much time left on Earth, since the cancer nodules are spread throughout his abdomen.

Even after devastating news Leech and her husband took Theo in promising to make all the days he has left special and happy for him.

Seeing that Theo is so happy and the cancer hasn’t stopped him a bit, Leech came up with a bucket list for him.

Facebook/Jenny Leech

Until now he has gotten a burger at a drive through, has eaten ice cream and among many other things he chewed on a fresh bone from a butcher shop.

Leech started to post their list on Facebook and their activities quickly went viral.

People started giving them ideas, some even helped cross items off his list, including one person who took Theo for a ride in their Mustang convertible!

Theo since then went swimming in a lake, has sat in a skydive plane, watched a drive-in movie, gone on a blind date with a German Shepherd named Sasha, and got sworn in as an honorary police K9 at the Crystal Lake Police Department.

Facebook/Jenny Leech

Leech continues to give sweet Theo happy days until he is with them, we congratulate her.