Firefighter saved German Shepherd in cardiac arrest by mouth-to-snout resuscitation

There are always heros and rescuers for all animals. The story below covers how two dogs were saved from firefighters and rescuers, from a house fire in San Antonio, Chile.

The dogs, German Shepherds, called Apolo and Princesa, unfortunately were suffering cardiac arrest, thus firefighters immediately started administering CPR.

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) preserves brain function until some proper blood and breathing can be restored.

The signs of CPR include unconsciousness, lack of arousal, lack of physical movement, or eye blinking and can occur from different occasions as drowing, chocking, electrical shock etc.

It was extremely dangerous for one dog because it was so near death, but one of the firefighters named Christian Epinoza gave this dog mouth-to-snout so he could breath again.

About his effort, Apollo and Princesa were so thankful.

Fortunately, now dogs are resting comfortably with neighbors, until their family gets better so they could care again for their dogs.