Fire department honors arson dog with ‘final call’ tribute before he is put down

Dogs play a really important part in people’s  life, from being  a family member and create a special bond with you, to working with us and earn our love and respect as our co workers.

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Dogs have come to be an important part to emergency  services , from fire departments to police K9 dogs, our animals play an important role to serve and help us.

Quincy a brave dog, for years served as a key part at the  Clearwater Fire  Rescue Department.

The dog was adopted  at an animal shelter by  a fire  inspector Ron Neuberger , while he was a little puppy .

Seeing that Quincy had  what it takes to be part of the fire department, he not only found his forever home, but also his new job with a lot of friends.

Quincy underwent six months of accelerant-detection training to get ready for the job, since the previous  arson dog was retiring .

He was indispensable in sniffing the causes of the fires. “He’s another tool in our toolbox that we use to determine the cause of a fire,” said Neuberger. “For Quincy, it only takes minutes. Sometimes, seconds.”

Quincy retired in 2018 after serving as an arson dog for 10 long years, and during his career he worked on more than 300 calls.

But unfortunately , the brave dog started having  health issues , becoming clear he needs to be put down at the age of 12  after it was confirmed he was terminally ill.

The day he would get euthanized was a hard, sad day , but he wasn’t sent to the medical center without having his former co-workers paying honours to him as a sign of gratitude ,for all the years he served along with them as a brave dog, while petting him goodbye you could see his friends eyes were teary.

To give him the highest respect  they arranged a ‘’last call ‘’ for him.

The  last call Quincy got and he knew well  had a difference, this call was made only for him,and that was the most emotional moment during this goodbye.

The voice over radio praised his career in the fire department and then  the speech  ended with ‘’Today, he will rest in peace.” and you can hear crying sounds in the background.

This was a fitting pay respect tribute, for a strong dog that spent his life helping others, he was put down shortly after the call ended.

‘’RIP, Quincy,” Clearwater Fire & Rescue said on Facebook. “Enjoy all of those wonderful smells with that amazing nose of yours in your next chapter.”

This story put tears in our eyes, rest brave boy.