Father Who Passed Away Had Planned A Final Gift For Grieving 13-Yr-Old Son

Death is a natural part of human beings’ lives, some people when they understand that their end is near try their best to leave their family sweet memories and make sure they all know how much they are loved.

Source: Kavaluskis Family/Inside Edition/YouTube | T&T Creative Media/YouTube

After fighting 9 painful and traumatic years with myeloma cancer, dad Joe Kavaluskis of Hudsonville, Michigan, knew that his end was near when he was only 47 years old.

But he choose to take care of his family and make sure they are loved before his time to go came, instead of getting depressed and wallowing in sadness.

Source: Kavaluskis Family/Inside Edition/YouTube

For his youngest son Logan, sweet dad planned an amazing gift, since the boy always desired a dog but they never could get him one due to the dad’s allergies, the kind father  arranged for a

Boston Terrier puppy to be delivered to Logan on his 13th birthday, only a week after the dad passed away.

In the shared footage we see the boy’s precious reaction when he finds out what his dad’s final gift is.

Joe has passed away only for 5 days now, and its normal poor boy was feeling sad on his 13th birthday, and then his cousin comes forward and informs him about the dad’s final gift.

Logan is so emotional and he yells ‘’really’’? And breaks down crying while hugging the pooch he decided to name Indy.

The sweet puppy has been a great help to the boy and his family passing the grief and healing, Melanie, the mother, says Indie will help her boy always to turn bad negative things into positive ones, just like his dad did.

Rest in peace Joe, you were the greatest dad without a doubt.