Endangered White Rhino Had To Perform In A Circus

This world has cruel humans that like to mistreat or use poor animals,no matter the pleads of animal rights defenders,a lot of unique animals around the world are trapped in big circus houses,and are used to make a show for some cruel humans money benefits.

Social media users have been furious after a video of a circus on Russia went viral,the footage showed a white Rhino that was forced to carry a man on his back,or parade in a circle ring and the trainer has his whips with him ready to attack poor animal if he were to disobey the orders.

People have seen a circus with Elephants,they are famous to be used in circuses around the world and with all the noise and protests for the poor animals cruel living conditions and hard bizarre training they are being phased out ,but seeing a Rhino there is a new and really rare view to witness.

The viral footage of the Russian State Circus Shows the Rhino who is sitting,and the trainer clamber into his back,and then they set off for the ring tour.

Several times you can see poor animal turn away quickly,and then he is to meet soon with the trainer’s whip.

In another video we see the same white Rhino that is suspected to have been shot in Safari Circus in Moscow,the animal is on a circular platform under a spotlight,he hesitates several times before he finally has the courage to step off.

Wild-animal welfare experts say that a white Rhino,who can weigh up to 2,300kg being used in public shows,was extremely dangerous for the trainer and the spectators as well.

“It could quickly cause injury to the trainer, and if there isn’t a substantial barrier, to the public,” said Chris Draper, of the Born Free wildlife charity. “However well trained it is, rhinos are naturally nervous and impulsive.”

He said that the poor animal that is being hired from a circus to another,would have passed cruel,painful methods behind the curtains,to be able to perform according to the instructions.

“To see the animal in this circumstance when you’ve seen one in the wild is utterly incongruent,” he said. “Not only is it being exposed to substantial noise, but the use of the whip is wrong. They would say it doesn’t hurt, but if that’s the case why use it at all?”

Dr Draper added that the transportation of animals around would also inflict strain and stress on him.

The Rhino called Mafa is seen on another video recorded away from the ring,and being fed by his trainer,Sergey Nesterov,that said:“I put a bed next to it, and I left it only when I had to eat, in order to spend more time with it. This way it got used to people.”

Nesterov stated that it took one year for the paper arrangement so Mafa could be transported from South Africa.

In the website of Safari Circus its stated the circ uses exotic animals,and in 1996 Nesterov and Elena Fedotova made the decision to create a new attraction with rare exotic animals,based on an older attraction that Elena’s parents created.

Their website has a lot of exotic animal pictures, in their mix we see a poor Kangaroo with a chain around his neck and boxing gloves,as it seems he will be sparring with a human.

The social media users are furious,demanding to free the poor white Rhino,since according to them the animal belongs in the wild and it’s not domesticated like dogs,or cats.