Dog’s reaction to being surrendered is caught on camera and it’s heartbreaking

Having to surrender you pet it sure is one of the most heartbreaking things for an owner, but what about the poor animal, what do they feel ?

Facebook / Nancy Klein

Every dog surely knows when he is being surrendered to a shelter, more so if that is the place from where they got adopted from, we can’t even imagine the panic, confusion and sadness they must be experiencing.

The dog named Moses was getting surrendered to the same animal services agency he got adopted from around one year ago, footage from when he was taken there has been released, and it’s one of the saddest and hurtful things you can see.

Facebook / Nancy Klein

The owner was surrendering Moses at Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California, states Pet Rescue Report.

Nancy Klein, volunteer and animal advocate filmed sweet Moses when he got dropped off, and caught the poor pooch pawing at his owner, while he was trying to explain why he has to let the dog.

“It’s like he ‘knew’ the way he clung to his owner,” said Nancy. “I had to catch my breath. As I asked why he (the owner) said they had to move and he wasn’t allowed. I took out my phone and well …you can see for yourself.”

The owner explained that he will move and couldn’t take the dog with him, so he had to return him to the place he adopted him around a year ago.

Bildkälla: Facebook/Nancy Klein

“My heart literally sank,” said Nancy. “He(Moses) wanted to meet everyone there, including the boy and his mom who were in the lobby. It took everything in me not to just take him home.”

She added that Moses was one of the loveliest dogs she had ever met, and seeing him getting surrendered is simply heartbreaking.

Nancy posted an update of the sweet canine not long after he was surrounded and informed that he has been adopted again.

“I just got news that MOSES WAS ADOPTED!!  And he has two new human kids to play with and love him!  We are SO very happy for him!,” she shared on a Facebook post.

We are so happy for sweet Moses as well, we hope this will be his forever home.