Dogs Deemed “Too Nice” To Be Trained As TSA Officers, Now Available For Adoption

Dogs apart from being family members,a lot of them are known to be part of police departments or TSA,but not all of them pass the necessary requirements.

Source: b/60/YouTube

Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)every  year has a large list of dogs enrolled to get trained as highly efficient  security officers.

But during the rigorous training a lot of dogs fail,simply because they are way too nice and won’t be able to serve as strict officers.

But TSA  won’t just leave  their dogs roaming the streets,they came up with a special programme to find forever homes to the trained dogs that didn’t make out to become officers.

People that are interested in getting these dogs should pick them up from San Antonio.

The breed that  people can choose from are:German Shepherds,Labradors Retrievers and Belgian Malinois.

Source: WSVN-TV | b/60/YouTube

Potential adopters will be screened in detail by TSA officials,and will have to give the proper documentation  that is required from them.

The must have conditions to adopt a dog from the TSA include:having a fenced-in yard,and the adopter should have no plans to change homes for the next 6 months,dogs should be trained regularly and get the needed vaccinations.

TSA have high hopes,that the dogs who didn’t make the final list of becoming officers will find loving forever homes.

Whoever is interested to adopt  a dog,should go and check TSA website to learn how the adoption process goes.

Please share the news,so the more people get to know about this,and more dogs find the loving homes they deserve.