Hero decides to rush to rescue immediately a Dog who was stuck in an icy pond

A man in Russia can be called a Hero after he saved a dog’s life. Even though the difficulties that place had, he managed to rescue this dog.

The dog found himself in this sticky situation when he was playing on the frozen pond, trying to chase ducks. Assuming he stepped in thick ice, he broke into freezing waters because of his weight.

The Russian man spotted the crying dog and immediately came to his rescue. He ran across the pond with no shirt on and barefoot. As he got closer he even knelt down as it appeared the dog was stuck in some kind of net or something similar, so he had to release the poor pooch from there. Sadly, each time he tried to put his hand closer to the dog and aid him, the latter would snarl at the man, once even managing to bite him.

The man, however, didn’t give up. Although the situation started to get harder and harder, he sticked there to help the poor dog. He managed to slip his hand in the netting without being attacked. He then yanked him out of the water and away towards safety.

He then managed to get out of the hole and back to land. The local authorities soon arrived and checked on the man’s bitten hand . Thankfully, the wound was nothing serious and he was fine.

On the other hand, the dog was also taken out of water safety. The man, who deserves to be called a hero, remains unknown. We need more people like these!