Dog Runs Away After Owner Passed Away, Endures 33 Days In Bitter Cold

In some parts of Wisconsin, winter time can be simply brutal, living outdoors in  sub-below zero temperatures, freezing rain, and heavy snow it’s dangerous and not recommended, but the dog of our story managed to survive in these conditions for 33 long days.

Source: Kristine Tanne/Unsplash / @IMDailyNews/Unsplash

When Lynn Schwittay, a 50 years old from Niagara, Wisconsin passed away, her dog Jonsie a small Shih Tzu/Pomeranian mix went missing.

Dogs of the deceased woman were on the process of going to a local shelter temporarily, when one of them ran away.

Source: Kristine Tanne/Unsplash

The three year old canine was spotted in different parts of the town, but always managed to not get caught, he would run away everytime someone tried to approach him.

So rescuers came up with a smart idea, of setting chicken nuggets and other food traps, in hope they will lure Jonsie in.

Surprisingly the dog was smarter and he always got the food but managed to escape the kennel.

One of the main people that was associated with the rescue, was Phyllis Carlson of Quinnesec, a wildlife rehabilitator.

Source: @IMDailyNews/Unsplash

She refused to give up on the missing pooch, so she spent some money on a trail camera that sent photos to her phone.

Her phone made an alert one night, right before she was off to sleep, and when she checked out there it was, the sweet canine.

“He managed to stay alive through the snow, ice and cold all this time, searching and finding food to survive,” Carlson stated. “If he hadn’t kept himself alive, I would have never caught him. I’m just the person that tricked him into a trap and got him home.”

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Source: Kristine Tanne/Unsplash / @IMDailyNews/Unsplash

The cousin of Schwittay, took the dog for her elderly aunt that also happened to be the sister of the woman that passed away.

We are so glad that his story had a happy ending, and we thank the woman for her smart tactique.