Dog hugs journalist reporting at the animal shelter, refusing to let go

Dogs are such beloved creatures they stay loyal to us to the end of time, it’s sad to say but a human can never love us as much as our furry friends do.

Despite their loving and loyal nature we always witness incidents where these poor animals get abandoned left and right by their cruel owners or get mistreated and neglected.

But despite all this, dogs always look out to find a human best friend and they even find ways to convince humans to be their friends.

A sweet video shared on Reddit shows us how convincing these furries can be.

A journalist that was doing a story about a shelter of dogs couldn’t even imagine that on the evening he would turn back home with a rescue, but that is exactly how the story turned out after one of the shelter dogs approached him and wrapped its limbs around his legs.

This was an inspiration to the journalist and he decided to adopt the dog.

The reporer continued his work while the dog didn’t move and continued hugging him, the reporter was dumb struck for minutes.

The man decided to hug the dog later and give the sweet furry the love and affection he deserves.

This encounter was so sweet that people couldn’t resist and started recording, the dog continued to hold on to the reporter’s legs tightly as he continued petting.

The sad and neglected animal looked at the man as if saying I need some love and care and the kind man decided to do something special since their connection was so strong.

The man never thought about dog adoption after this encounter but after this ordeal everything changed and he decided to welcome this sweet boy into his life.

The video attracted a lot of attention on social media, the instant bond was relatable to a lot of other persons.

One person wrote, “That look at the end like…you’re mine! I have a rescue and let me tell you, it’s like they think they have to give you all the love they have every time they see you or else you’re [going to] take them back. My pittie gives me that look when he wants to cuddle….so we cuddle all the time lol.”

A lot others shared their experiences of them finding their dogs at rescue shelters.

Another one wrote: “This is exactly what happened to me. I woke up one Saturday morning and my old roommate asked me if I wanted to head down to the shelter to kill time. I ended up finding my best friend.”

Another added, “My live-in girlfriend (now wife) had talked about wanting to get a dog, I was hesitant but agreed to just go meet some at a foster home. When we got in, one dog came up to her and put her paws on my wife’s shoulders, and just nuzzled her neck. At that moment I just thought to myself “well, looks like we are getting a dog”.

Others said they always wanted to adopt but they fear they wouldn’t be able to give the dog 100% of what they need.

“I love the idea of going to an adoption center and finding a dog that I just couldn’t leave without. But being entirely honest and as heart-wrenching as it would be. I don’t think I could do it or justify it. That video tho ;_;.” wrote another.

The video is truly amazing.