Soldier dad coming toward the deaf dog left her amazed and stunned

Noelle is a deaf Terrier mixer who just loves her dad. So when her soldier dad had to go for some services for the Army, the separation between two of these became difficult.

But a friend of her dad, who cared for the dog, tried to make this separation easier.

Her friend volunteers at pet adoption events every weekend so one of these weekends she took Noelle to an event and made sure that her dad will pick her up from there.

When Noelle’s father showed up, Noelle was just left amazed and surprised. She just did not expect to meet her dad.

She immediately turned into a happy and loving face.

As soon as they got out of that place, she jumped into him, licking, loving and playing with him. The reaction she had, proofs the true loving relationship they have.

They sure are really happy to have been reunited. We hope they don’t get to separate ever again.