Couple Reunites With Lost Dog After She Was Ejected From Car Window During Crash

A couple Stefanie and Duane Lindsay and Roo their three year old dog spent an amazing beach day together.

Sacramento-area couple reunites with dog 14 hours after it was ejected  during car crash | KTLA
Stefanie Grows/Facebook

But the day ended in a not so pleasant way when they got involved in a car accident while turning home.

While driving back to El Dorado County, California their home from Bodega Bay, another driver crashed into the couple while going 65 mph on the highway.

Their car flipped and landed upright in a nearby grassy field, but luckily they suffered minor injuries only.

After they checked on themselves they noticed that Roo was missing from the car.

Stefanie Grows/Facebook

They noticed the back window had been blown out, and began to fear the worst.

Stefanie was sure Roo was dead after being thrown out of the window.

Even though he was bleeding on the head Duane began crawling around on the floor to look for Roo while Stefanie contacted 911.

While waiting for the ambulance to come she searched the road and nearby grass but had no success in finding the pooch.

Stefanie Grows/Facebook

When emergency personnel arrived they transported Duane to the hospital, meanwhile firefighters and highway patrol used thermal sensors to scan the area hoping to find Roo.

Duane got diagnosed with a fractured sternum, but due to Covid 19 situation Stefanie couldn’t stay with him so she turned to the area and continued to search for the dog.

She didn’t find her but wasn’t going to give up, so she turned to social media and posted the story hoping to garner the attention of as many rescue groups in the area as possible.

Even strangers in the community started to look for Roo at this point.

After 14 long hours of searching the couple saw a tip that someone posted on Facebook, the tip took them to a neighborhood three miles away from the accident, there they found Roo contently sitting under a tree.

“I lost it,” Stefanie told CNN. “I fell to my knees in the middle of the cul-de-sac, wailing for her. It took her a couple of seconds to register who I was, but once she did, she just came running to me.”

Apart from the road rash and soft tissue damage, sweet Roo was going to be fine.

H/T to CNN.