Burglar Tries To Lure Family Dog, Smart Dog Sees Through Him & Chases Him Out

We have always read stories of how loyal canines help their owner to be safe and away from dangerous ways.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

Tracey McCoy, an Oklahoma City homeowner, is grateful to her 122-pounds Great Dane, named Dubai, for being brave enough to fend off a burglar that broke into their home during the day.

Apart from guarding his home like a true hero, Dubai also fiercely protected Tracey’s blind son, Nathaniel.

Source: KFOR-TV

In the shared surveillance video, we see the burglar walking boldly through the door, when he spots the dog he starts petting him trying to make the dog comfy, the friendly pooch is confused at first but then senses the ill intentions of the man.

When Tracey screams after she spotts the burglar, the dog gets his confirmation and charges toward the intruder immediately.

Burglar fights and tries to push the dog away, but the smart and angry dog fights back and bites the burglar.

Dubai is not an angry dog, but the owner is happy that his protective instincts kicked in and he saved the day.

The authorities are looking for the burglar, so please spread the word to help them.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube

Update: During an update Cops have informed the opinion that they have caught and arrested the burglar, he is 30-year-old named Robert Ward, he was found lurking on Tracey’s neighborhood area.

During his arrest he has been unarmed and has been detained in jail on first-degree burglary charges, authorities have thank the heroic dog that helped them catch a troublemaker.

This is not the first story when dogs have put their life to risk in order to save their humans, dogs are truly the heroes we don’t deserve.

Source : Youtube / WSLS 10