Brave kayaker saves deer from drowning in turbulent river

A group of whitewater kayakers saved a deer that was almost drowned by refusing to give up despite the dangerous conditions.

Fabrizio “Gass” Capizzo was with friends paddling on the Candigliano River near San Marino in Italy when they noticed the deer.


In the video that Capizzo captured with his head camera, the little deer is seen while he struggles on the turbulent river water.

Capizzo and his friends surrounded the deer on every side of the river hoping they could catch him.

But with all the current the deer panics and slides between them and is swept further downstream.

The man quickly turns his kayak around and starts following the deer trying to grab it, fortunately he managed to catch the deer before slipping too far away.

The kind man tows the deer safely back to the shoreline where one of his friends helps pull the waterlogged deer out of the water.

The man that was on the shore suggested carrying the deer by the horns, but Capizzo refuses so he cradles the small deer in his arms instead.

After the deer is safely away from the river, the man starts to warm the deer up so he can stand enough, this works and the little deer soon can walk on its own.

Before the animal disappears one of the other kayakers appears and says “Sorriso” [Smile] before taking a photo of the deer while the animal walks away.

Wow what heroes, we thank them deeply.