Around 14 dolphins passed away and countless others are ‘seriously’ sick after fuel spill

After a fuel spill on the coast of Mauritius, at least 14 dolphins were found dead and countless others were left stranded.

Around 14 dolphins are found dead and countless others are 'seriously' sick  after fuel spill

A Japanese ship spilled over a thousand ton of fuel last month, say Daily Mail reports.

Tests are being done to determine the cause of the death of these poor animals.

The ones left alive are left stranded and are described being “seriously” sick.

“This is a terrible day. We are seeing these dolphins swim up to the shore in distress and then die,” said environmental consultant Sunil Dowarkasing.

“We have never seen deaths of these very intelligent marine mammals like this. Never.”

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It’s believed the fuel spilled into the ocean when the Japanese ship strayed off course and ran aground on a coral reef near the eastern coast of Mauritius in July.

The hull of the ship cracked the following month, and the fuel started leaking into the Mahebourg Lagoon.

On the sea more dolphins may have died and tests are being done to determine the cause of this.

“I think there are two possibilities: Either they died from tons of fuel spilled in the sea, or they were poisoned by the toxic materials on the bow of the ship that was sunk offshore,” he added.

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The ship’s first officer and captain have been charged with “endangering safe navigation”, as per the Daily Mail reports.

Greenpeace  environmental group has alo called for an investigation and warned that the spill could also harm turtles, whales seabirds and a lot of marine life.

We hope this will never occur again and all the creatures are saved.