An award for the 7-year-old boy who has rescued more than 1300 dogs

This is one of the rarest cases. We see adults saving dogs, but a 7-year-old rescuing over 1300 dogs is kind of unbelievable. But not for Roman McConn. He is the 7-year-old boy who has rescued dogs from kill shelters and has found them homes in the Pacific Northwest and locally.


What’s more interesting is his mother support. His mom, named Jennifer, says that Roman is a special kid, having unconditional love for animals.

He even got the attention of American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) and Ellen Degeneres.

Work of Roman includes spotlighting dogs that he would love to see adopted and transporting dogs through Project Freedom Ride. This is a very big help for transporting dogs from overcrowded shelters in Georgia and Texas to the ones in Washington and other places, where they find new homes.

It all starts when Roman visits shelters and pick a dog to highlight. His mom helps him out to film the dog and then she posts Roman’s videos to their Facebook page.


Even though Roman is so young, he tries to do his best while helping dogs. He usually picks the ones that have been for a longer time at the shelter, or the old ones who really are in urgent need to find a home.

For the great job he is doing, Roman got awarded from ASPCA as the Kid of the Year. We totally agree that he is the real one who deserves that award.

Despite his award, he won’t stop his work. His intentions are to get as many dogs as possible adopted because each of them deserves a better life than those in shelters.

Roman is a good example for everyone out there, to help animals in need. Share if you support his work!