A New Law in New Jersey: Pet Stores Can Sell Only Animals From Shelters

Finally, some good news for everyone!

There was signed a new law which includes pet stores and rescue animals. According to animals that are in shelters, and left all alone without care, this new law does not allow pet stores to sell other animals except those of shelters.

And this is such good news!

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According to statistics, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters every year, where 1.2 million of them get euthanized.

Because of the large number of puppy mills, has led to the unpropriate human treatment of them.

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Their mass has been left of breeding, not having health care and having behavioral problems, thus not having the right treatment, they are all neglected.

Even though representatives of the pet industry argue that this bill might make it difficult for new pet stores to open.

Overall, it is a very good bill that is going to be applied because all the animals that need real help and care, might have a really good chance for living.