A large number of 47 animals that were neglected, were saved from war-torn zoo in Gaza

A successful mission was completed by the rescuers from Four Paws, where 47 neglected animals were saved from a war-torn zoo in Gaza.

We all know that not all animals live in good conditions. This is the case of a zoo named Rafah Zoo in Gaza, which is known for the tragic conditions for animals that live in there. These bad conditions include the lack of food and no veterinary care, factors that affect psychological and physical health.

The zoo has been on the radar, especially in the case of increasing fire after four lion cubs froze

To death in January, and also later a young lioness had her claws barbarically removed with garden shears, thus visitors could play with her.

What’s more, the zoo’s owner attempted to have amputated the leg of an injured fox with a circular saw himself and informed others that more male lions would be ruthlessly declawed. All of this just because then they would be able to interact with visitors.

Unfortunately, many have died because of lack of care.

But hey, good news finally arrived. The suffering of those animals came to an end, 47 animals have been safely evacuated by rescuers.

The mission was one of the most difficult ones because in the first attempt to rescue all those animals there was an increased tension in the region. But this team did not give up and for the second attempt they did it. They completed their mission successfully

In all there were, five lions, a hyena, several monkeys, wolves, porcupines, foxes, cats, dogs, emus, ostriches and squirrels which were taken on a 186-mile journey to sanctuaries in Jordan, while two of the older lions are headed to Lionrock, Four Paws’ big cat sanctuary in South Africa.

During last weeks, the team have done much intense work, pushing them to their limits. It was difficult to load almost 50 animals in just few days, it was a challenge but in the nd they were all saved and that was the good news for everyone.

We all hope that one day these animals will find their new homes, and everyone will be aware about the plight of captive animals in the area.