4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They Are Guarding Friend Hit By Car

What human did to deserve dogs still remains unknown, however, we are really blessed to have them in our lives.

Whether stray dogs or dogs we shelter at home, they never seize to let us down and always have a special place in our life.

Let us move the attention to the stray doggos who wander around finding food, playing or even finding love wherever they can and living happily. They might not have a permanent shelter to live in but they surely have the love of the other stray dogs and the passers-by.

Creating a special bond with one another, they find food, places to sleep and protect each other all together at all times.

Whenever they are not having a good time, then most probably something not very good has happened to one of them. The stray balls of fur are there for each other even in difficult times when one of their friends is not doing very well.

This is exactly what the story we are sharing today is about, showing the loyalty they have towards their friends. To witness this all by yourself, we have footage to prove it.

The story took place in one of the roads in China where a stray dog was hit by a car by accident. In the video, you can see traffic created in the scene and you might wonder why?! Well, four other dogs –  friends of the stray dog in the accident – gathered there to look out for their buddy and companion.

They would simply stay there and look at their poor buddy. Sadly, even though they waited and waited hoping that everything will be fine, their friend was gone.

Looking at their buddy laying down, they stay there creating traffic simply to be by their friend just like they had always done for each other.

Eyewitnesses claimed the stray dogs spend some time there to wait for their friend to wake up, but unfortunately, that never happened.

Want some more feels? Then, watch the video below:

Such a sad moment. May the doggo rest in peace.